2017 MS-150 – SAVE THE DATE

The date for the 2017 MS-150 has been set – Sat/Sun. October 14-15 (a week earlier than normal), so please get out your calendars now and mark down the date!  We’ll keep you posted on ride details as they develop.

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26.2 with Donna 2017

On February 12, Duval County ARES will be supporting the 2017 26.2 Donna Marathon.  For those not familiar with the event, it is certainly one of the most important and largest attended marathons in the region raising funding to support Breast Cancer research.  Details are available at http://breastcancermarathon.com/

We are looking for operators to work at the hydration stations, rest stops, and net control.  Click here for a course map.  And, you can click here for positions that we need to fill.

If you are interested in working this event with us, please complete the information below: Continue reading

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Hurricane Preparation

Here is a great video from the American Red Cross and JEA on Hurricane Preparation.

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New ARRL / Red Cross MOU Signed

Arrl_logoRed-cross-logoThe ARRL and the American Red Cross have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The document, signed in January, succeeds one agreed to in 2010; it will remain in place for the next 5 years. The MoU spells out how League Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) volunteers will interface with the Red Cross in the event that ARES teams are asked by the Red Cross to assist in a disaster or emergency response. Continue reading

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Public Service Communications: Know, Communicate, and Maintain the Boundaries

[Taken from the The ARES E-Letter for December 16, 2015]

Here are two quotes, which stunned me as much as they should you: “I had no idea what the hams were doing — they were making decisions that were not theirs to make.””The hams never integrated.” The latter may speak to the former, but these quotes come from two distinct organizations, neither having any connection with the other except for this: negative experiences with our amateur service. These same organizations eventually came back to Amateur Radio, both thanks to a refreshing change in leadership, and with an encouraging constant that held through good times and bad: the quality of our average volunteer. I hear it so often and from every organization and agency: “The hams are dedicated. They show up on time, eager to help. They are our best volunteers.” Continue reading

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